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When I first started my business online I was struggling to keep track of all the courses I bought. But there was a positive reason why I needed to keep track of so many courses which I couldn’t take all in one month.

I learned early about buyer’s regret. And no, I don’t mean buyer’s remorse.

I regretted what I didn’t buy!

Several times I regretted not buying a big training course when it was on a launch price discount because when I needed it I had to pay so much more.

I still remember one particular training course which was only $37 on launch but went to $47 per month on a subscription model after the launch finished and of course I really needed it!

I learned fast that it was better to overspend on extra courses rather than miss out on the deals because it actually saved me money in the long term.

I also remember buying a bundle and not downloading a training course from a well-known internet marketer in our sphere. Almost everyone knows her name but back then when I purchased the bundle I wasn’t familiar enough with all the best people so I failed to sign up to her course during the bundle claim time.

I regretted that for months because it was so silly of me!

It was only about 2 months later when I read people’s emails raving about her that I realized I’d let an expensive training course slip through my fingers.

These days I know a lot more about who’s who in this online world we participate in. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try new courses.

These days, every time I purchase (or gain access to) a new training course I enroll immediately and write down the access details in my logbook.

I keep this logbook on a clipboard (one of those that fold in half down the middle) and stand it up on my desk.

This is convenient because you can easily write down the details for new courses and then refer back to it when you’re ready to use the course.

Don’t waste those courses you’ve bought

This is what you need to do, so you don’t waste those courses you’ve bought:

  • Download my free Training Courses Logbook (below)
  • Print the number of pages you need for each quarter (depending on how many courses you have)
  • Write down access details for each course, every time you enroll
  • Pin it on the wall or place it on your clipboard
  • REFER BACK to your logbook when you have the time or the need for a new course

It really is very easy!

Once you start using this method you’ll be so glad you did!

Courses Logbook printable


Please note: the logbook is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you get better value out of the courses you own. 


⭐The Simplest Way to Profit from Printables (includes 109 Ideas Cheat Sheet)

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Trying to work out what the best printables are to sell on your blog? Wondering whether you could use a printable as a lead magnet? Here is a list of 109 Top Printable Ideas. You can print this cheat sheet and keep it as a reference. It includes check boxes so you’ll be able to choose your favorites and refer back to them when you’re ready.

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Printable Ideas

Why you should use printables…

If you already have a blog it’s a great idea to use a printable to encourage people to join your email list. Printables are perfect to attract attention from your potential audience.

A helpful printable allows you to engage your audience and build rapport. This means you can use the same printable to build your relationship with the people already on your list as well.

One of the best ways to use printables is to bundle a few together. Three printables that are complementary to each other are more enticing than one. This can apply in any niche.

The bundled printables could be kids games for the same age group or homeschool activities for one year level. Alternatively, you can bundle together family packs of printables for parents and kids.

Another way to bundle printables is to provide an activity like a word game on one page and provide the solution sheet separately. If you provide two games, you provide two solutions pages and that’s a bundle of 4 sheets.

If you want to remind your audience about your site later, consider creating a cover page to go with your printable. This can be as simple as text on a blank page or you can go to town with your branding and make a page that stands out with your brand and colors. It’s always best to include the name of your blog on your cover page so people can find you weeks or even months down the track.

When you’re short on time the best way to speed up your printable creation is to buy PLR printables. Since you’re here on Busy Bee Content you might as well take a look at some of the PLR Printables we have in our store (see here).

What can you use printables for?

Many PLR printables (those with commercial rights) can be used in any niche. Journals and planners are usually perfect for a variety of niches.

They can be offered for the purpose of recording progress on a DIY project, tracking fitness, recording weight loss, planning vegetable planting, scheduling school homework or recording family events.

If you’re writing about an activity on your blog, your audience will often appreciate a journal or planner they can use to complete the activity or project.

When you can provide a checklist for a task this will tempt your audience to buy or optin for that printable. A checklist should aim to save people time and help them in a way which makes their life easier.

Once again, you can purchase PLR printables checklists, if you want to save your own time. Take a look at this PLR bundle of checklists on the topic of Personal Satisfaction.

You can use these printable sheets in a multitude of niches, including:

    • gratitude
    • coaching
    • parenting
    • self-help
    • psychological well-being
    • healing
    • home remedies
    • building confidence
    • positive self-esteem
    • stress reduction
    • achieving goals
    • longevity
    • and more

Whether you’re selling printables, using them to build a list or applying them as part of your branding strategy, the simplest way to get ahead is to use PLR printables. They are instantly accessible and you can move your business forward in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Think about it…

What ideas do you have to start using printables in your online business?

Here’s the free cheat sheet to get your ideas flowing, 109 Top Printable Ideas…


Please note: the cheat sheet is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you create impressive printables. 


⭐The Fastest Way to Get Better Blog Results (hint: it involves headlines)

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It’s great to save time using PLR content for your blog but have you thought about your headings? A good heading can make or break your blog post.

If you want to attract more traffic to your content it’s worth considering whether your headings are clickable. With a good post headline you can compel your potential audience to click on your post.

Looking for the free printable cheat sheet?   Scroll down the page…

Are you making this mistake?

Take a look at the content in this popular PLR pack

One of the biggest mistakes made by bloggers is spending too little time on their headings.

They are often written very quickly, and at best, consideration is given to the keyword. But…is this the best way to get eyeballs on your content?

When you’re starting out you may go to one extreme or the other. You might start with boring headings or you might use too much click bait on your site.

Click bait is never a good idea because it won’t deliver long-term results. If you want to keep your audience coming back, limit the click bait headlines.

So, what’s the best way to come up with a great headline?

There are two ways to improve your blog post headlines.

First, you can use a swipe file of ideas to help you. And even better, use a checklist as a prompt to come up with great headlines.

This is where Busy Bee content can help you.

We’ve included a free cheat sheet of 56 Best Blog Post Headlines for you to print out and refer to every time you’re publishing a post on your blog.


Grab the free cheat sheet, print it out and stick it on your wall for reference (download it below).

The second way to improve your headlines is to actively follow a plan to improve your headline writing skills.

There’s an easy way to do this but it takes discipline.

See full details for this PLR pack here

Start with one of your posts already written or choose a PLR article you want to use on your blog and re-write the heading 10 times. If you don’t have a lot of time, just re-write it 5 times.

This may sound like a boring task but if you want to improve, it’s worth doing.

Try to create 5 different headlines. You can think about your topic from different angles but make sure it is still congruent with the content in the post.

If you need ideas for this re-writing task, look at the cheat sheet provided by Busy Bee Content and it’ll help.

Now, ask yourself, which heading jumps out at you? Is there one that is loads better than the other ones? Sometimes the answer is clear, at other times you’ll need to take an extra step.

When you’re not sure about which heading to use, consult with others. Do you have a list? If so, you can ask your audience which one they like best. Alternatively, you can ask people on social media. You can even ask your friends and family which heading sounds best.

And if you really want to improve things, use a survey online to get the answers you need.

If you think it is a waste of time improving your headlines, just consider the results.

Catchy headlines = more clicks on your posts = more traffic = more income from that post


You may want to split test headlines too. If you want to raise your game to a new level it’s a great idea. But that’s a topic for another day!

=>>Grab your free downloadable 56 Best Blog Post Headlines here…


And remember…these headlines can be used for multiple purposes:

    • blog posts
    • email subject lines
    • social media posts
    • pins
    • infographics
    • lead magnet headlines

Put your thinking cap on and you’ll be coming up with loads of ideas, starting from this cheat sheet.

Please note: the cheat sheet is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you create amazing headlines. 

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⭐43 Genuine Ways to Get Ahead Using PLR Written Content (includes free checklist)

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Perhaps you’ve heard about Private Labels Right (PLR) content, but you’re not sure how to use it. Most people first think about blog posts as the most obvious way to utilize it. But there’s so much more you can do with PLR.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some genuine ways to benefit from PLR written content without having to do too much work. These are easy ideas to implement and you can use one piece of content in several different ways to get more value out of the PLR you own.

Looking for the free checklist?   Scroll down the page…

Checklist Use PLR

Idea 1: Blog Posts

The first thing for which anyone wants to use PLR, is a blog post. This is a great idea and it works well.

In addition to a blog post, consider starting a new niche blog and populating the entire site with PLR. This is a great way to get started, especially if it’s an additional site for you and you don’t want to take too much time setting it up.

Idea 2: Generate Traffic

If you’re wanting more traffic to your site, consider using PLR content. You can use PLR to create a social media post, record a YouTube video or write a guest post and direct the link back to your main website for extra traffic.

You can also use PLR content to build a flow-through site to direct traffic to your main site. It’s easy and free to do this using Web 2.0 properties such as, or Similarly, you can do this by building a Facebook page for your blog and directing people to visit it.

Another way to generate traffic from PLR is by using the content to make a meme. A meme can be shared on different platforms and you can link it back to your site. In addition to the link, make sure you include the name of your site somewhere on the meme for branding purposes.

Idea 3: Email Marketing

If you have a list, PLR can help you engage with your audience. PLR content can be used in email broadcasts, email newsletters and in an email follow-up series.

You can very easily create a mini course from PLR content and distribute it by email, like a drip-feed training course. This type of concept can be used to build engagement with your audience. It also works well as a lead magnet to help you build your list.

Idea 4: Lead Generation

If you’re trying to find ways to capture more leads, PLR is the solution. You can use it make an irresistible lead magnet in the form of an eBook, a mini course, an infographic, or a 5-day challenge. There are lots more possibilities for attracting leads so you’re only limited by your imagination.

One of the best ways to use PLR written content for lead generation is by using it as locked/gated content on your blog. If the person reading your post likes what they read, then they will enter their email address to get the rest of the article released. This shows you who is truly interested in your niche and lets you capture their email address so you can impress them in the future.

Idea 5: Product Creation

PLR content is perfect as a starter for creating content. You can often take the PLR as it is and use it for the entire product. This saves you time and allows you to offer more products to your audience.

Product creation in your business may include lead magnets, tripwires, signature products and high-end coaching sessions. You can use PLR at each and every stage of this process. Buying more PLR allows you to create a full funnel of products.

Many people wish they could get started on product creation but they get stuck taking too much time at the beginning. By using PLR you can walk straight into creating a new product. Even if you don’t use the PLR on its own for your product creation project, you can use the PLR content to jumpstart the process. It will give you ideas, help you to brainstorm concepts and give you content you can use straight away.

Idea 6: Profit Generation

If you’re trying to earn more, consider using PLR to boost your profits. PLR content can be used when you’re helping coaching clients either individually or as a group. You can also use PLR for a paid membership you run or for a paid monthly newsletter. Another way to earn from PLR is to create a PDF document which includes affiliate links in it.

You can use PLR to create a print-on-demand book or to record an audio book to sell. Printables are also easy to create from PLR content and can be sold on Etsy or directly from your blog.

If you’re promoting other people’s digital products as an affiliate, PLR is the fast solution for creating a quick bonus to offer your audience to encourage them to buy through your link.

If you’re promoting your own digital product, use PLR written content to make a series of slides you can use in a webinar to promote your product before and during the launch.

You can even use PLR content to help you build a bridge landing page. If the PLR content is suitable for an affiliate offer you’re promoting, it’s easy to use this PLR to build your own bridge page before sending the buyer to the ultimate landing page. PLR allows you to get the job done faster so you can promote an offer quickly, when it’s newly released.

Why Should You Use PLR Content?

As you can see from above, there are plenty of ways to use PLR content, but you might be thinking:

“I can do all of that myself. What do I need PLR for?!”

The best reason to use PLR is because it will save you time and effort. And let’s face it, time is money. We’re not only talking about opportunity cost here. If you keep having great ideas but you never find time to implement them, you’re never going to make it. End of story!

Instead of finding excuses for not starting your blog or never setting up a funnel in your business, it’s time to find out just how easy it is to use PLR content.

Take a look at the high quality content in the Busy Bee Content Shop now and you’ll be glad you did.

Get started today. And when you look back in 12 months’ time and see what you’ve achieved, you’ll be feeling very proud of yourself indeed.

PLEASE NOTE: This checklist is NOT private label rights content, it is for personal use only. Please enjoy using it yourself. If you want to tell others about it, please refer them to this page. Thanks.

Checklist Use PLR


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