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Specialized content…

At Busy Bee Content we specialize in content for Mom Blogs. We have experience in this niche, we know what type of keywords you’re going after and we even present the information in an easy-to-read style for your blog.

If you’re a mommy blogger, you know how important it is to get traffic from search engine SEO and Pinterest. If you want to please Google, you need quality content. And if you want to do well on Pinterest you need lots of content.

Too busy to write content?

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As a mom blogger you’re probably busy with a baby or young kids and you might wonder how you can possibly keep producing all the content needed for your site.

If you pay a ghostwriter it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars.

You know you need high quality content and you need it fast, but you want it on a budget.

The answer is Private Label Rights (PLR) content. But not just any PLR.

Over the years a lot of dodgy vendors have entered the market. If you’re offered 500 pieces of content for $10 you know you’re dealing with low-quality written content that will damage your site in the rankings. You’ll also turn your readers away and your engagement stats will fall.

The solution

We offer high quality content that is laser-focused for your niche.

If you monetize through an ad network you’ll need lots of consistent content and we offer you plenty of posts specifically for that purpose.

And if you monetize through affiliate marketing we’ve got you covered. Busy Bee Content provides lots of PLR articles that include product references so it’s easy for you to use your preferred supplier and add your own affiliate link.

Do you write your own PLR at Busy Bee Content?

At Busy Bee Content all the PLR is exclusive. What does that mean? We don’t offer resold PLR that is also available elsewhere. Nor do we resell our own PLR for others to on-sell with PLR rights. This means you won’t find our content for sale on other sites. 

Sure, we could build our product stock faster if we offered reseller content, but then you wouldn’t know what you were getting. By offering our exclusive content, you can continue building your site with consistency by purchasing from Busy Bee Content.

If you’re not in the mommy blogger niche, do not fear! We have something for you too. Self-help PLR is available and can be adapted to numerous other niches.

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Best of luck for all your online business adventures,