⭐The Simplest Way to Profit from Printables (includes 109 Ideas Cheat Sheet)

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Trying to work out what the best printables are to sell on your blog? Wondering whether you could use a printable as a lead magnet? Here is a list of 109 Top Printable Ideas. You can print this cheat sheet and keep it as a reference. It includes check boxes so you’ll be able to choose your favorites and refer back to them when you’re ready.

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Printable Ideas

Why you should use printables…

If you already have a blog it’s a great idea to use a printable to encourage people to join your email list. Printables are perfect to attract attention from your potential audience.

A helpful printable allows you to engage your audience and build rapport. This means you can use the same printable to build your relationship with the people already on your list as well.

One of the best ways to use printables is to bundle a few together. Three printables that are complementary to each other are more enticing than one. This can apply in any niche.

The bundled printables could be kids games for the same age group or homeschool activities for one year level. Alternatively, you can bundle together family packs of printables for parents and kids.

Another way to bundle printables is to provide an activity like a word game on one page and provide the solution sheet separately. If you provide two games, you provide two solutions pages and that’s a bundle of 4 sheets.

If you want to remind your audience about your site later, consider creating a cover page to go with your printable. This can be as simple as text on a blank page or you can go to town with your branding and make a page that stands out with your brand and colors. It’s always best to include the name of your blog on your cover page so people can find you weeks or even months down the track.

When you’re short on time the best way to speed up your printable creation is to buy PLR printables. Since you’re here on Busy Bee Content you might as well take a look at some of the PLR Printables we have in our store (see here).

What can you use printables for?

Many PLR printables (those with commercial rights) can be used in any niche. Journals and planners are usually perfect for a variety of niches.

They can be offered for the purpose of recording progress on a DIY project, tracking fitness, recording weight loss, planning vegetable planting, scheduling school homework or recording family events.

If you’re writing about an activity on your blog, your audience will often appreciate a journal or planner they can use to complete the activity or project.

When you can provide a checklist for a task this will tempt your audience to buy or optin for that printable. A checklist should aim to save people time and help them in a way which makes their life easier.

Once again, you can purchase PLR printables checklists, if you want to save your own time. Take a look at this PLR bundle of checklists on the topic of Personal Satisfaction.

You can use these printable sheets in a multitude of niches, including:

    • gratitude
    • coaching
    • parenting
    • self-help
    • psychological well-being
    • healing
    • home remedies
    • building confidence
    • positive self-esteem
    • stress reduction
    • achieving goals
    • longevity
    • and more

Whether you’re selling printables, using them to build a list or applying them as part of your branding strategy, the simplest way to get ahead is to use PLR printables. They are instantly accessible and you can move your business forward in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Think about it…

What ideas do you have to start using printables in your online business?

Here’s the free cheat sheet to get your ideas flowing, 109 Top Printable Ideas…


Please note: the cheat sheet is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you create impressive printables.