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When I first started my business online I was struggling to keep track of all the courses I bought. But there was a positive reason why I needed to keep track of so many courses which I couldn’t take all in one month.

I learned early about buyer’s regret. And no, I don’t mean buyer’s remorse.

I regretted what I didn’t buy!

Several times I regretted not buying a big training course when it was on a launch price discount because when I needed it I had to pay so much more.

I still remember one particular training course which was only $37 on launch but went to $47 per month on a subscription model after the launch finished and of course I really needed it!

I learned fast that it was better to overspend on extra courses rather than miss out on the deals because it actually saved me money in the long term.

I also remember buying a bundle and not downloading a training course from a well-known internet marketer in our sphere. Almost everyone knows her name but back then when I purchased the bundle I wasn’t familiar enough with all the best people so I failed to sign up to her course during the bundle claim time.

I regretted that for months because it was so silly of me!

It was only about 2 months later when I read people’s emails raving about her that I realized I’d let an expensive training course slip through my fingers.

These days I know a lot more about who’s who in this online world we participate in. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try new courses.

These days, every time I purchase (or gain access to) a new training course I enroll immediately and write down the access details in my logbook.

I keep this logbook on a clipboard (one of those that fold in half down the middle) and stand it up on my desk.

This is convenient because you can easily write down the details for new courses and then refer back to it when you’re ready to use the course.

Don’t waste those courses you’ve bought

This is what you need to do, so you don’t waste those courses you’ve bought:

  • Download my free Training Courses Logbook (below)
  • Print the number of pages you need for each quarter (depending on how many courses you have)
  • Write down access details for each course, every time you enroll
  • Pin it on the wall or place it on your clipboard
  • REFER BACK to your logbook when you have the time or the need for a new course

It really is very easy!

Once you start using this method you’ll be so glad you did!

Courses Logbook printable


Please note: the logbook is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you get better value out of the courses you own.