⭐The Fastest Way to Get Better Blog Results (hint: it involves headlines)

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It’s great to save time using PLR content for your blog but have you thought about your headings? A good heading can make or break your blog post.

If you want to attract more traffic to your content it’s worth considering whether your headings are clickable. With a good post headline you can compel your potential audience to click on your post.

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One of the biggest mistakes made by bloggers is spending too little time on their headings.

They are often written very quickly, and at best, consideration is given to the keyword. But…is this the best way to get eyeballs on your content?

When you’re starting out you may go to one extreme or the other. You might start with boring headings or you might use too much click bait on your site.

Click bait is never a good idea because it won’t deliver long-term results. If you want to keep your audience coming back, limit the click bait headlines.

So, what’s the best way to come up with a great headline?

There are two ways to improve your blog post headlines.

First, you can use a swipe file of ideas to help you. And even better, use a checklist as a prompt to come up with great headlines.

This is where Busy Bee content can help you.

We’ve included a free cheat sheet of 56 Best Blog Post Headlines for you to print out and refer to every time you’re publishing a post on your blog.


Grab the free cheat sheet, print it out and stick it on your wall for reference (download it below).

The second way to improve your headlines is to actively follow a plan to improve your headline writing skills.

There’s an easy way to do this but it takes discipline.

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Start with one of your posts already written or choose a PLR article you want to use on your blog and re-write the heading 10 times. If you don’t have a lot of time, just re-write it 5 times.

This may sound like a boring task but if you want to improve, it’s worth doing.

Try to create 5 different headlines. You can think about your topic from different angles but make sure it is still congruent with the content in the post.

If you need ideas for this re-writing task, look at the cheat sheet provided by Busy Bee Content and it’ll help.

Now, ask yourself, which heading jumps out at you? Is there one that is loads better than the other ones? Sometimes the answer is clear, at other times you’ll need to take an extra step.

When you’re not sure about which heading to use, consult with others. Do you have a list? If so, you can ask your audience which one they like best. Alternatively, you can ask people on social media. You can even ask your friends and family which heading sounds best.

And if you really want to improve things, use a survey online to get the answers you need.

If you think it is a waste of time improving your headlines, just consider the results.

Catchy headlines = more clicks on your posts = more traffic = more income from that post


You may want to split test headlines too. If you want to raise your game to a new level it’s a great idea. But that’s a topic for another day!

=>>Grab your free downloadable 56 Best Blog Post Headlines here…


And remember…these headlines can be used for multiple purposes:

    • blog posts
    • email subject lines
    • social media posts
    • pins
    • infographics
    • lead magnet headlines

Put your thinking cap on and you’ll be coming up with loads of ideas, starting from this cheat sheet.

Please note: the cheat sheet is NOT private label rights, it’s personal use only. This means you CANNOT give or sell it to anyone else. You CANNOT place it on your website, social media or anywhere else publicly. You CAN print it out, stick it on your wall and enjoy using it to help you create amazing headlines. 

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