PRINTABLE: Gaining Energy and Reducing Stress Workbooks


PLR Printable: DFY Gaining Energy & Reducing Stress Workbooks (PNG and PDF)

  • Cover
  • Interim/notes page
  • Ownership page
  • 31 pages of prompts (62 prompts in total)
  • End notes page


8.5 x 11 inch pages ready to print. 35 pages total in each journal.


PDF and flat PNG (you can edit but you cannot separate design elements)

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 PLR Printable: DFY Gaining Energy & Reducing Stress Workbooks (PNG and PDF)

  • Cover
  • Interim/notes page
  • Ownership page
  • 31 pages of prompts (62 prompts in total)
  • End notes page

These workbooks each include 62 prompts across 31 pages (with 35 pages total).

These are double-page wookbooks. Each page is designed as 8.5 x 11 inches, ready-to-print. You get PNG and PDF formats. Each workbook offers two color options. You get a blue background or a clear background (black and white).

Each workbook is done-for-you as a 31-day workbook. This means you can use the workbook:

  • as a monthly journal
  • as a 31-day challenge
  • in your coaching program
  • as part of an eCourse
  • attached to an email sequence
  • as a starting point for a larger product


The journal pages are provided in PDF format which is ready to use as it is. You also get the pages as flat PNG pages. This means you can edit the pages but you cannot separate the design elements.

Includes pages in PDF and PNG

You can edit the files but you do not have permission to separate the design elements on these pages and use the images for other purposes. 

You get two choices:

You can download the printable pages as PDFs and use them as they are (ready-to-print).
Alternatively, you can use the PNG files and brand them for your business.

Here are some of the pages shown below:

The prompts included in these workbooks are:

Workbook for Gaining Energy…

Which habits decreased your energy today?
Which habits increased your energy today?

Did you get enough sleep and feel energized by it?
Did you feel more energized after waking up in the morning or later?

Did you follow a morning schedule which worked for you today?
Can your morning schedule be improved to give you more energy?

Did you do too little or too much exercise today?
Which types of exercise made you feel energized?

Did you experience a slump in energy at one particular time during the day?
What can you do to keep your energy consistent during the day?

Did you find work life balance today?
What could you improve to achieve better balance in your life?

Foods that decreased your energy today?
Foods that made you feel energized today?

What types of energy boosts did you use today?
How can you change bad energy boosts to beneficial ones?

Did you feel overwhelmed by too much clutter today?
How can you decrease clutter in your life?

Did your health affect your energy levels today? 10
How can you improve your health?

Did you use a backup plan for gaining energy today?
What is a quick fix you can use to naturally boost energy?

Is your work/home environment conducive to increasing your energy?
What improvements can you make in your environment to gain more energy?

Does a busy mind drain your energy?
When your mind is overloaded, how do you simplify things?

What activity recharges your energy? E.g. massage, meditation etc.
How can you integrate this activity into you life regularly?

What event drains your energy the most?
How can you avoid or minimize this activity?

Which superfoods help you gain energy most?
How many times per day do you eat these foods?

Do say no to people when you need to?
How can you define your boundaries better?

Do you resort to sugary foods to get through the day?
What healthy options can you introduce into your diet?

Do you use self-care to keep you energy levels up?
How can you integrate self-care into your week?

Do you get enough nutrition from your food?
How can you eat better or will you take supplements? 20

Have you identified the times of the day when you feel lethargic?
What will you do to improve energy at each of these times?

How often do you experience fatigue which affects your day?
What do you think causes this fatigue?

Which work habits drain your energy during the day?
How can you eliminate or minimize these activities?

Are you at optimal weight for your height and build?
How can you improve your weight so you gain more energy?

Have you tried using a daily planner to optimize your energy?
Which tasks would you do early in the day to gain energy overall?

What are 5 small changes you could make to gain energy?
When and how will you implement these small changes?

What type of motivation helps you to increase energy when you need it?
What are your favorite motivational affirmations?

Are you using your time each day efficiently?
How can you plan your day better to use your energy efficiently?

Have you considered delegating some tasks each week to gain energy?
Which tasks can you delegate to others?

Is stress draining your energy?
What can you do to reduce stress in your life? 30

Is indecision draining your energy?
How can you be more decisive or who can you speak to about this?


Workbook for Reducing Stress…

Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush from stress?
How can you break this addiction and achieve without it?

Have you acknowledged that you’re ready to reduce stress?
In what ways are you taking action to decrease your stress?

What stress-inducing activities can you give up today?
How can you continue to avoid these activities?

What consequences are you suffering due to stress?
How would life be better without these consequences?

Is your stress-reduction strategy too stale?
What new approaches can you try to minimize stress?

Have you tried low-impact exercise to reduce stress?
When do you use techniques like yoga, stretching, deep breathing?

What are 7 small things you can do this week to reduce stress?
How and when are you going to do these 7 things?

Is your stress having a negative impact on your family?
How can you start to change your behavior toward family?

Are you using substances to cope with stress?
How can you replace these substances with activities?

If you could quit one thing that causes stress, what would it be?
What is the easiest way to quit that one thing? 10

Is your stress emanating from more than one source?
How can you avoid these sources of stress?

Do you have bad habits which are causing your stress?
How will you replace these with good habits?

Are you experiencing a pattern of stress in your life?
How can you interrupt this stress pattern?

Are you using stress as an excuse?
What will you do differently if you don’t blame stress?

Do you complain to friends or work colleagues?
How can you stop speaking negatively to others?

What stress-addicting activities can you stop immediately?
What can you do instead of these activities?

What types of exercise can you do daily?
What time of the day and where will you do this exercise?

What fun activities can you do weekly to reduce stress?
When will you do these activities and who will join you?

What activities calm you the most?
How can you incorporate these activities into your day?

Are you taking out your stress on others? 20
How can you stop doing this?

What physical symptoms are you experiencing from stress?
How are you going to reverse these symptoms?

Are you stressed every day?
Who can help you to change this experience?

What emotions do you feel when you’re stressed?
What can you do to feel different when you experience these emotions?

Is financial stress affecting your life?
What can you do to improve your finances in the short and long term?

Is there a relationship that is causing you stress?
How can you improve that relationship or move away from it?

Are bottled-up emotions causing you stress?
Who can you talk to about your problems?

When was the last time you took a break?
Will you go on vacation, take a day off work or rest for an hour?

Are you taking out your stress on other people?
How can you stop spreading your stress?

Are you short-tempered because of stress?
What activities can you do to release the build-up of stress?

How many stress reducing activities have you tried? 30
What’s a new stress-relief activity you can try?

Do you get a stress reaction to one person or one event?
How can you reduce this stress reaction?

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